Case Study - Captain Spliff Komix

Captain Spliff


Captain Spliff Komix is a knowledge based comic book series seeking to raise awareness about the benefits of Hemp and Cannabis, as well the historical roots of Cannabis Prohibition


Promote Issue #5 of the comic book, which introduces multiple new characters.



A walking billboard was deployed over the course of one weekend with actors dressed as the characters, doing promotional appearances at Denver Comic Con and the 16th St. Mall while meeting with people on the street and passed out stickers and coupons directing them to the website.



-45% response rate.

"Multiple coupons were redeemed and we sold out of the first run of comic books. There was also a noticeable increase in web traffic. Our experience with Chumba Media was awesome! We will be using their services on a monthly basis!"

- Jared


Captain Spliff Komix

Captain Spliff
Captain Spliff