Case Study - Five On Black

Five On Black


Five On Black is a quick-service Brazilian restaurant with multiple locations in several states. Their newest location in downtown Denver opened in August 2016. Chumba Media was hired to promote their grand opening.


Promote grand opening and increase foot traffic during targeted times and days.



A walking billboard was circulated along 16th Street Mall from Curtis Street to Tremont Street from 10am-2pm for five consecutive days. The brand ambassador rolled the sign by thousands of hungry pedestrians while distributing BOGO coupons and answering basic questions about Five On Black such as their location, business hours, and menu inquiries.



-30%-40% response rate.

"From start to finish Chumba has been one of the best teams we have worked with in the marketing space. Not only were they an absolute pleasure to work with but their different take and excitement about reaching customers in a new way is a very effective marketing tool. We saw great results with the 16th street mall sign and was an intrical part of our store opening marketing campaign. Good work Chumba Media."

-Tom Snyder


Five On Black

Five On Black
Five On Black
Five On Black