Case Study - J Prestige Hair Salon

Abby Sparks


J Prestige Hair Salon is a multi-service salon that moved from their original location off east Colfax to their new home in downtown Denver. The new shop, being located in a large commercial high-rise without signage on the building’s directory, had trouble telling local consumers outside the building about their new opening. Chumba Media was hired in March 2016 to run two alternating ads promoting their hair services and their teeth whitening service.



Promote the opening of the new location by offering discounts on two of their services.



Chumba Media ran two separate walking billboards along the 16th Street Mall from Curtis st. to California st. during the lunch-rush on select days over the course of one month. The billboards were supplemented with printed coupons to distribute to interested consumers.


  • Multiple coupons were redeemed on campaign days.

  • Dozens of comments and questions from consumers regarding basic business information.

  • 5% response rate.

"I had Chumba reach out to me to try out a walking-billboard campaign on the 16th St. Mall, which is in front of our building and, WOW, I cannot be more content with the results. It works! It has really boosted traffic into our salon! Thank you Dave for introducing yourself and we're happy we've built a business relationship!!"



J Prestige Hair Salon

J Prestige Hair Salon
J Prestige Hair Salon