Case Study - Little India

Little India


Little India is a Denver-based Indian restaurant serving downtown Denver for over 18 years.



Drive additional foot traffic to their downtown location during targeted lunch and dinner times. Increase the overall brand presence along the 16th Street Mall.


Chumba Media was hired to drive traffic to their restaurant during the lunch and dinner rushes. Over the course of 10 days, a walking billboard was deployed along the 16th Street Mall within proximity to their location. The billboard was supplemented with “$2 off” coupons to be distributed to interested consumers.


  • Over 250 coupons brought back into the restaurant over a 12-week period.

  • 20% response rate.

  • Dozens of comments and questions from consumers regarding basic business information such as their location, menu price range, etc.

  • Increased brand presence along 16th Street Mall.


“Chumba media was great to work with. They made a nice visual sign and distributed coupons throughout the 16th Street mall so I could track my return on investment. The coupons came back weeks after they did the marketing...I would highly recommend them.”

-Harman Baidwan


Little India

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