Planet Fitness



Planet Fitness opened a new 24-hour gym in downtown Denver in the spring of 2018. This type of gym was new to the area and needed a supercharged and high-impact approach supplemented with personal engagement to educate downtown Denver locals about Planet Fitness prices, hours, location, and different types of membership benefits.

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  • Visual Planet Fitness brand exposure with millennial workers in the geographic area of the gym

  • Target high-traffic times when locals are on the way to and from work.

  • Gather market research from the downtown Denver public. 

  • Capture contact info from interested parties in a super quick manner.​


Chumba Media partnered with Swurveys and Air Fresh Marketing to deploy a Planet Fitness Super Street Team on the 16th Street Mall and in the surrounding area of downtown Denver within proximity to their new location. The teams were fully-trained in the basic offerings of Planet Fitness to educate the general public of downtown Denver. A Planet Fitness-branded Swurvey was created and deployed via tablets given to the brand ambassadors and via SMS-codes printed on 2.5" x 3" distributable cards that were given out to everyone who passed by the team. This activation was deployed over the course of six consecutive weeks during peak traffic times making the billboard team visible to approximately 80% of downtown Denver's 16th Street Mall population and the visitors to downtown from surrounding neighborhoods in the Denver area. The billboard team also increased the efficiency of a traditional OOH campaign that was deployed simultaneously.


This campaign consisted of multiple creative changes in set intervals including both vinyl banners and die-cut foam-board extensions.



pieces distributed


Our partners over at The Consumer Engagement Co. created a custom, Planet Fitness mobile website designed to gather market research while qualifying participants into leads.

Liz from Planet Fitness Denver says..

"Chumba has helped our 16th St. Planet Fitness location several times as we push new gym members during the summer & fall months. Chumba’s ability to match our national campaigns and create a local campaign is phenomenal. For the July 2019 campaign, our Chumba Team members did a stellar job of listening of where we needed them to hand out our information and driving member growth to our location."



  • 53% response rate

  • 1,200+ day passes redeemed

  • 800+ qualified leads in downtown Denver

  • 9% data-capture rate

  • 18% click-through rate on mobile website

  • 95% hot/warm leads