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  • Dave Hecker

A New Outdoor Advertising Service in Denver That Won't Break The Bank

Outdoor advertising and media is an extremely effective marketing channel but is also fairly expensive. The reasoning is understandable. Real estate, construction, permits, etc. all contribute to the typical high costs associated with launching an outdoor campaign. Even more, most traditional outdoor advertising providers require a minimum of eight weeks. Not only is outdoor expensive, but space is also limited making competition and, thus, rates higher.

But outdoor works, BIG TIME! Large brands know this and invest heavily in outdoor. In fact, outdoor media has one of the highest ROIs (return-on-investment) and lowest CPIs (cost-per-1,000 impressions) in the current marketing world. Outdoor is one of the only forms of media that can't be ignored. Most consumers subconsciously click out or pass ads they come across online, in print, on their radios, and on their TVs. With DVRs, most people can and do fast-forward through ads. Outdoor media is actively viewed and consumed more so than TV, print, radio, and online.

Billboards are typically large, permanent structures that require a lot of money to build and maintain. The large-format prints and installation processes typically mandate the high rates, multiple production fees, and lengthy display commitment. In order to buy a billboard or outdoor ad, the advertiser must agree to a 4-12 week contract. This is effective as the ad is displayed 24 hours a day for several months but what if advertisers were able to concentrate their display times on small targeted groups of consumers and pay only for that small amount of time?

That's why we created Chumba Media! Advertisers can launch small concentrated outdoor ad campaigns almost anywhere in Denver. No limitations! Rather than spending $25,000-$100k+ for an eight-week billboard in one fixed spot, a brand can spend less than $10,000 and have a massive in-your-face, street-level campaign with up to either six simultaneous street teams circulating in a designated downtown area or multiple stationary temporary billboards in areas across the Denver metro area. Lasting just a few hours per day for multiple days, our campaigns are operated during high-traffic-volume times and during large events putting your brand in front of thousands of people every hour.

Our quest for global street team and temporary billboard dominance is just getting started!

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