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  • Dave Hecker

The Power of Human Engagement

In a world where technology keeps us plugged in day in and day out, it may seem obvious that online marketing would be most effective. However, that’s not always the case. In fact, studies have shown that engaging person to person is better for maintaining a strong customer base. So, how do you get someone to put their phone away and talk to strangers? Well, that’s where Chumba Media comes in. Here’s how we can drive customers to you while building a strong brand base.

Marketing at eye-level

Billboards have a hard time driving engagement with pedestrians. They’re high above the ground, aimed at drivers, and ignorable. Chumba Media has found a way to bring advertising to the streets through our innovative products. We provide walking billboards; advertisements that generate mobile leads while remaining mobile themselves. You can now market to people in your vicinity, creating immediate opportunities for turnaround. Whether you want to hire us to manage the billboard for you, or rent a billboard and use your own street team, our product allows you to connect with people on a face-to-face basis.

Build a community The best part of on-the-ground marketing is the opportunity to establish relationships with patrons and leads. We take interacting with potential customers seriously; not only is it a way to increase brand recognition, but it is also a way for your customers to feel like they matter. Our campaigns have consistently succeeded at generating leads, and that’s because we care about your customers. They don’t want to feel hassled, and we don’t want to hassle them. Instead, we use our mobile billboards as conversation starters, and those conversations lead to your business.

In addition to our walking billboards, we will soon have “discreet” teams. These teams are non-branded ambassadors who use tablets to engage with the public. A discreet team is perfect for cannabis brands or age-sensitive companies. Our representatives care about your business and your customers, and they demonstrate that through their ability to connect with your target market.

83% of customers prefer to interact with a human being than a digital channel. Marketing in a more personalized way will help you retain customers and draw new engagement to your brand. Use our mobile billboards to drive engagement and observe in real-time the results of your campaign. To get started on connecting with customers in a more meaningful way, contact us now.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay under Creative Commons Zero License

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