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HD Online Player (night At The Museum 3 Full Movie In )




 . . to life. And when the evil . . . chomps down on . . . , it's up to . . . to find the  . . . . Plot Larry Daley's girlfriend, Nadine Tolliver (Tina Fey), has just broken up with him, and he is devastated. Since she cannot bear to be around him, she goes to Paris, leaving him to deal with their children, Junior (Greg Kinnear) and Paris (Mila Kunis). While Nadine is away, Junior steals his father's . . . . .  and the one object that can make Larry Daley a true hero. Larry Daley's manservant and best friend, B.J. (Will Arnett), then takes him to meet his mother, who tells him what happened and that Junior has run away to Africa, but no matter what Larry Daley tries, he can't find Junior. Larry Daley returns home to find that he is the new target for a series of robberies, performed by thieves hired by . . . . . , an evil science museum curator. The thieves steal the . . . . . and the remaining pieces of the time machine, and it is only when Larry Daley comes back from his adventures with B.J. that he can put them all together again, and become the hero he was meant to be. Larry Daley is reunited with Nadine, who admits that she is still in love with him and not in Paris. Junior returns home and Larry Daley tells him how he has become the hero that he was meant to be, and Junior decides to be the hero that he was meant to be, too. Cast Ben Stiller as Larry Daley Will Arnett as B.J. Tina Fey as Nadine Tolliver Chris Cooper as Jamison Mila Kunis as Paris Paul Rudd as Roy Alec Baldwin as Professor Swensen Rachael Harris as Headmistress Tinsley Robert Downey Jr. as Dr. Vogel James Franco as Dr. Blivens Julie Hagerty as Emily Ari Graynor as Maureen Bricker Jason Ritter as Alan Rottke John Leguizamo as Chef Julio Lily Tomlin as Grand



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HD Online Player (night At The Museum 3 Full Movie In )
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