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Renault Clio II Service Manual Pdf [Latest] 2022




Category:Renault vehiclesQ: ajax submitting form without refreshing I have a simple form which has 2 fields and I want to submit the form but without refreshing the page. Here is my jquery code $(document).ready(function() { $('#command').click(function() { var formdata = $('form#dataForm').serialize(); $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "process.php", data: {command: formdata}, success: function(data){ //do something } }); }); }); I have a form with two fields first is a text field and second is a file field. I want to submit this form using Ajax. A: Have you tried: $('form#dataForm').submit(function() { This will call.submit() on the form object and will work without refreshing the page. If you wish to update your form, and not submit it, you may add an "onclick" or "onkeyup" event to change the button to a submit button, and add a new function to handle it, e.g: $('form#dataForm').submit(function() { $('button.submit').prop('




Renault Clio II Service Manual Pdf [Latest] 2022
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