The Power of OOH

(Out-Of-Home Media)

Chumba OOH is High Impact

Our advertising products do not compete with the clutter of other ads, as is the case with other media environments. Chumba Media activations are exclusive meaning no other campaign will be visible in the same area as yours!

Dominant visibility, larger-than-life images, strong branding and messaging that stands out from the environment – OOH’s impact is largely determined by the creative. Chumba Media’s creative partners ensure our campaigns are masterfully designed with vibrance that make the walking billboards POP out from the monotony of life.

Research from Nielsen shows that 86% of people agree that OOH makes brands stand out.

Chumba OOH is Engaging

The right message and the right creative can present massive opportunities for engagement.

Digital and mobile technologies used in Chumba Media OOH activations encourage greater consumer interactivity. According to a study conducted by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), 71% of people said they felt more positive towards a brand that offers interactive OOH.

75% of people agree that OOH gives them something to look at when they’re out and about. -Nielsen Company

Chumba OOH is Cost Effective

Nielsen studies show that OOH is the second most efficient media in terms of Return on Investment (ROI), after television. The higher the proportional spend on OOH in an advertising campaign, the more efficient it becomes. Campaigns with greater than 15% of the total spend on OOH have higher ROI. Further, when OOH is included in an integrated campaign, it improves the ROI. Chumba Media OOH provides the opportunity for brands to add a mobile and interactive OOH element to campaigns in densely populated downtown areas.

Chumba OOH is a Media Multiplier

Chumba Media OOH not only works stand alone but also improves the ROI of other media when you include them in the mix.

Adding Chumba billboards to your outdoor campaign can significantly increase the reach and impact.

Chumba OOH impacts on the Path-to-Purchase

Our location-based walking billboards provide consumers with access to brands and relevant content on their Path-to-Purchase.

When executed properly, Chumba Media can be the advertising medium most seen by shoppers in ‘the last window of influence’ before shopping.

Chumba OOH offers Sustained Awareness

Using Chumba Media OOH is an effective way of increasing the reach and recall of a campaign. Coming second only to Television, OOH delivers strong campaign retention with 82% of people agree that there are some OOH campaigns they remember for a long time.

When Chumba Media OOH is used in conjunction with other media such as Television, Radio and online, it has the power to extend the half life of an integrated Television or Online campaign by up to 30%.