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Bring Your A-Game: Use Street Team Media to Your Advantage

Fall is just around the corner, which means outdoor events will be cropping up left and right. These occasions are not only a great place to interact with the community, but they’re an excellent venue to market your business, as well. Here are just a few ways a street team can increase engagement with your brand.

Let your clients work for you

People who love your brand already talk about it to their friends, post about it on Instagram or Facebook, review it on Yelp, or wear merchandise. Why not create a street team comprised of members who already know and love your product? Consider reaching out to email subscribers, friends and family, or influencers in your field. The more people you can get involved with your brand who already love it, the better. When your street team goes to an event, potential customers will be drawn to your company by their enthusiasm.

Market authentically

Consumers can tell whether or not a person cares about the product they’re selling. A street team brings together people who love your company with the public and creates authentic connections. Passion is contagious--and the ability to build your brand authentically will bring big returns. Face-to-face marketing shows potential customers that your brand cares about them, and cares about the community. You’re not just at an event to drive business; you’re at an event because meeting people is the business.

Create a strong brand voice

A street team should embody everything your brand does while honoring each member as individuals. By hiring street team members who believe in the company and can share that energy with potential consumers, you are creating a dynamic voice. The more of an in-person presence your business has, the more recognizable it becomes. People remember the conversations they have better than they remember a website banner ad or a flyer taped to a telephone pole. Acknowledging your clientele as people as opposed to numbers lets them know that your brand is after more than just their business.

Where we come in

Chumba Media wants customers to love your business as much as you do. That’s why we've partnered with national staffing agencies to provide top-notch talent for our campaigns. We believe that in-person interaction with potential clients is the foundation for any successful business, and our campaigns provide the proof. Our mobile billboard services bring your business to the community around you in a personalized, approachable way. If you’re looking to gain new customers and creating a more authentic brand voice, contact us today.

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