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  • Dave Hecker

Why You Should Combine Unique Outdoor Media and Street Teams

There’s no doubt about it, advertising takes on many forms. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box approach to media that will get results, consider thoughtfully designed outdoor media. This type of marketing has the potential to be highly effective in walkable areas…but eye-catching designs often aren’t enough on their own. Interested in learning more about how you can maximize the effectiveness of outdoor media? Here, we share why visually engaging marketing materials and specially trained street teams are a winning combination:

Passersby Are More Likely to Engage With Real People

Whether your business is the only one advertising on a street with low traffic or you’re competing on a large-scale basis in busy walkable areas like Las Vegas and Denver, one universal truth remains: passersby are more likely to stop and learn more when a real person initiates the conversation. Although expertly designed print media is always a plus, folks are typically so busy focusing on their own matters that they’ll pass right by even the most unique billboard or poster. To make the most of your investment in premium materials, consider working with a street team. However, keep in mind that the best results require individuals who are experts at their craft--you may not achieve a high ROI by hiring just anyone to mass distribute marketing materials.

What will you gain by hiring a team of professional conversation-starters? Here’s how the right street team can help you:

  • Build brand recognition. Whether you’re exploring the city on foot or commuting by vehicle, you’re constantly bombarded by visual ads. The vast majority of these brands won’t stand out to you because they haven’t made a strong impression. When businesses combine expertly-designed ICONIC walking media with highly trained street teams, meaningful connections will be made with customers, building brand recognition.

  • Boost ROI. Case studies consistently show that the combination of outdoor media and street teams lead to a higher ROI than outdoor media alone. With the right team on your side to distribute or display materials, you’ll see significantly more engagements and conversions than you will with media alone.

  • Reduce paper wastage. Don’t throw away your investment in marketing materials by passing out brochures or flyers that will just get tossed. Instead, hire a street team to start conversations and gauge interest before proceeding to the next step.

If you want to explore creative ways to engage with future customers, outdoor media is a great option to consider. To supercharge the efficiency of your marketing campaign, work with a street team to spark conversation and curiosity. Interested in learning more about how this combination can help your business? Contact our team today!

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